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 Setting up a solid estate plan is the first step.  After your passing, it is time for the named Trustee to ensure your wishes are honored.


is more important

than your family


Think estate planning is only for senior citizens?  Think again!  Especially after your first child is born, make sure there is a plan in place.  Unfortunately, all too often tragedies happen to people of all ages, even if we would rather not think about them.  Make sure there are tools and people in place to care for your child and family if the worst happens.


Estate planning is important for everyone, not just married couples or those with children!  Most have worked hard for what they have.  Most also have someone or something dear to them, whether it is a relative such as a beloved great aunt, dog or cat, meaningful cause, or enjoyable hobby.  Make sure your estate goes to the individuals, pets, organizations and/or charities that are important to you.  




Along with the increasing cost of long term care,  so are concerns about loved ones and friends.  What options exist?

Facing and deciding on important decisions now to provide for your loved ones will mean more time to enjoy the people who matter most.

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Estate planning is often an area that some feel "can wait."  There is no tangible "instant gratification" received, but putting off the important decisions involved can weigh on a person, couple and family.  Do not wait until it is too late!  Plan now so you have more time to enjoy what matters most to you.  The relief felt will be great knowing you have a plan in place that you understand, feel comfortable with, and can change at any time.